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I’m going to walk you through how you can build a recurring business using the Retainio Reseller License.

If you want to build a solid stream of recurring revenue in your business you need a product proven to sell that people need, proven marketing to help you sell it, and unwavering support that will make sure the product is viable for years to come.

That’s exactly what you have with Retainio!

With Retainio, you have a solid product backed by a strong team who will provide exceptional support whom you can rely on!

How are you going to benefit with Retainio Reseller?


Sell 100 or 250 copies of Retainio Commercial license to prospective clients and keep 100% of the profits


Keep selling our beautiful funnel (Retainio Pro & Retainio Reseller) and get 50% commissions on all your sales.

How do you do this?

We have built a high converting funnel and sales pages written by proven, top copywriters!

We are going to give you a complete marketing kit to back you and help you sell Retainio!

Just keep adding commissions month after month by pushing the funnel!

Now, this is what you call truly passive!

Every Business online or offline, needs Traffic, leads & sales to survive.

With Retainio, one can create highly-engaging viral sites that will keep people glued to the page and convert them into leads and sales. Retainio can also be used to create blogs, viral social media posts, product review pages, promote affiliate products, simply use it to generate Ad revenue and so much more!










Anybody can use Retainio to create Viral posts, generate traffic for their business, collect leads and convert them to sales. All with interactive elements that can potentially go viral.

Building such a page will be extremely time consuming, requires lot of technical skills and a ton of tools. Still you may not be successful.

Your Customers are going to love Retainio!

The DFY templates helps you get started immediately and the ready to go elements can be added in jiffy and customized as per any requirement.

Infact your customers will be able to create pages that will give a tough competition to professional page creators.

So, there is no worry about conversion!

Choose between 100 or 250 licenses and get started! I am sure you are going to come back to us wanting more licenses!

People are going to pay you for amazing results which otherwise would cost them an arm and a leg!

You can be assured you will be able to sell Retainio easily for the following reasons:

  There is no other App that lets you create engaging Micro Buzz sites with such ease.

  Every element required to increase on-page engagement can be added with a simple click

  Even small businesses can get started as it requires no domain or hosting.

  With everything built-in you don’t need any additional tools to make Retainio work.

I can keep adding more! But I am sure you already know that Retainio is an incredible tool which can easily help people see real results in their business.

Imagination is the limit for what one can do with Retainio!

Along with being able to get you passive profits, Retainio is also going to help you build your reputation!

Once your customers have seen the results you have delivered with Retainio they are going to depend on you for any of the other marketing tools they are looking for!

To be fair to our JV partners, you can start selling Retainio Commercial 30 days after the launch ends!

Choose 100 or 250 licenses & ask us if you need more!

You will get the Marketing kit delivered in the member's zone at the end of the 30 days!

This is a technology that people don’t know exist. This will make their lives so much easier and they will be blown away by the features and pricing!

Now go and click the buy now button and let us crush this together!

I am going to back you with all you need. Figure out which license you want to go with and become a proud reseller of Retainio!

Extempore Reseller Bonus

Extempore is an App which is easy to use and much needed for anyone who does business because video is the one type of content that consistently generates more engagement, more leads, and more sales than everything else combined.

There is no other App which can help you Create, Shoot, Edit and Share Pro-quality videos right from a Smartphone.Create Professional videos in minutes without any complex set up or the need for multiple tools. There is no replacement to this low-cost video solution without any compromise on quality.

When you pick Retainio Reseller 100 licenses you will get 50 licenses of Extempore Reseller and when you pick 250 licenses you will get 100 licenses of Extempore Reseller which you can start selling right away!

With a single investment you are becoming the Reseller of 2 Awesome Products that every business needs!

This is my last offer and the buy now button is right below!

I wish I had something like this when I first got started, so when we created the reseller offer we wanted it to be simple to run, scalable and designed to put you in profit quickly.

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