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Hey, It's Karthik here.

Along with my team, I would like to congratulate you on picking up Retainio. You are going to be able to create MicroBuzz type sites that is going to generate a ton of traffic, Leads & sales. The best part is you can get started instantly with no learning curve.

Retainio makes it possible to create highly interactive pages which otherwise would take ages to create. Start pumping out sites that will make everyone envious.

Before you start showing off your beautiful looking viral sites we want to offer you some amazing, cutting-edge features which will makes your sites look more cool & makes content creation a cake walk even for a novice.

We're talking about Retainio Lite..

Retainio Lite gives you 'advanced' features to take your MicroBuzz type sites to the next level. I am talking about sites that will put a professional web developer to shame.

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Let us have a closer look at all the cool additional features that come with Retainio Lite

Create 3 more MicroBuzz sites.

More is good right ? If you are running multiple businesses or if you want to create viral sites in different Niches, you obviously need multiple sites with different domain names or subdomains! With Retainio Lite, you can create 3 more sites in addition to what you already have. This is huge. You don’t have to squeeze all your campaigns under a single domain. You can use domains relevant to your content and maximize engagement.

Spin Wheel

An amazing way to have visitors interact with your site and get them to opt in or purchase some of your recommended offers. This option pokes at their curiosity and makes your content irresistible! This element brings out the child in every person and you are guaranteed interaction.

Content Extraction from any URL

Not used to writing content? Don’t worry! You can simply put in any URL and Retainio Lite will extract the content on that page. You can add or remove some parts, format & customize to suit your needs.

Connect 3 More WordPress Sites

A lot of you are addicted to wordpress sites and it just won’t be enough if you are able to add the magic of Retainio to a limited number of sites. With Retainio Lite connect 3 more sites and start seeing insane engagement wherever you need.


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Additional Campaigns

We want you to be able to create more campaigns when you have the ability to create more sites. With Retainio Lite you get to create 300 additional campaigns. More campaigns means better reach, more leads & sales.

Additional Templates

You don’t want all your sites to look just the same. Every site deserves to have the look that suits the Niche. With Retainio Lite, you get 3 additional themes so that you can mix it up like how you want. Remember these are high-quality professionally designed keeping in mind the requirements of a Viral Site.

Vertical Flip

An amazing way to present a gallery of images that will flip vertically almost like turning the pages of a book which will give an awesome experience to the viewers.

Spin Content

We took a step ahead. We didn’t want to leave you with extracted content. We are empowering you to spin the content and get unique content every single time right within Retainio Lite!

15 Additional DFY campaigns

It would never be enough to have some inspiration that you can customize based on your need. That is why we added 15 more DFY campaigns which you can simply customize and start publishing to any of your sites.

That’s a whole host of features that will actually triple your results with Retainio.

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    You don’t have to worry about writing another piece of content.

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    You can create more viral sites. Obviously more sites means more profits

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    You can make every site look unique

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    You have the power to add additional elements like vertical flip & Spin wheel that are almost irresistible to interact with.

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    With the additional DFY campaigns you never have to think again what to publish.


Get Retainio For Just $47 One Time Payment

Get Instant Access To Retainio LITE

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


This is a limited time offer and the price is going to increase very soon!

We literally can’t afford to have everyone at this low price as more sites & campaigns means more load on our domain.

To be able to support and offer a good quality product, we will be increasing the price very soon!

However, you have a very limited time left before which you can purchase Retainio Lite for this one-time low price.

You would absolutely enjoy creating viral MicroBuzz sites with Retainio Lite and the best part is you don’t even have to be constrained by the number of sites, look of your websites & the number of campaigns you will be able to create.

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Get Retainio For Just $47 One Time Payment

Get Instant Access To Retainio LITE

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Get Retainio For Just $47 One Time Payment

Retainio Lite

30 Day Money Back Guarantee